David Cudworth, H15 Photography Group, A Project Based Approach To Photography, April ‘19.

Over the last few years David has astounded the amateur photography world with his diverse collection of high quality images. This lecture is however much more than a showcase for his outstanding portfolio of award winning photographic art. What makes this talk truly unique is David explains how he creates his images; from the initial concept to the final processed image. It’s a talk, delivered with passion and complete honesty, that provides an insight into the mind of one of the UK’s most successful amateur photographers. A refreshing, enlightening and truly unique lecture that will entertain and inspire photographers at all levels. 

John McNally, Sale Photographic Society, Underwater 1, April ‘19.

What an interesting evening having David visit us at Sale. His images were top class along with great dialogue on where & how he took them. A very informative & interesting evening along with some good humour which was enjoyed by all.

We can't wait to get you back… highly recommended!

Phil Newman, Bolsover Camera Club, Underwater 1, Feb ‘19.

David’s lecture on underwater photography was exceptional - crammed with stunning individual images of underwater life taken with a quality and clarity rarely seen.  Examples of other underwater projects were also covered. A great passion for diving and photography are self-evident in his work which is further enhanced by his interesting narration and willingness to share knowledge.

We enjoyed the talk so much we immediately booked 2 further visits for the following season.

Steve Myall, Keyworth Camera Club, Underwater 1, Jan ‘19.

David Keep visited us on January 17th to give us his presentation Underwater Photography 1 – from swimming pools to sharks. This talk pulled in our largest audience of the season with over forty club members and guests which prompted David to comment that it was the most people he’d given this talk to.

David astounded us with the quality of his work as he showed us a wide variety of sea dwellers that included tiger sharks, sea slugs (stunning in their colours), turtles and fish – the Hairy Frogfish that walks rather than swims being particularly memorable. Not only did David show us stills of these beautiful underwater creatures but he incorporated short video sequences he’d filmed with a small camera attached to his still camera’s underwater housing.

David also showed some excellent images of a model taken in a hired swimming pool and this perfectly illustrated the dedication required to get the image he wanted as he, and his team, returned to the pool on numerous occasions before he achieved his preconceived photograph.

Even though it is doubtful many of us will follow him into the oceans of the world there were many hints and tips that could be learnt and applied to all kinds of photography, not least planning your shots, know how your equipment works and to experiment with lighting to get pictures that tell a story to the viewer.

This talk was certainly one the highlights of the season and we don’t think it will be very long before David is invited back again.

Ashley Franklinn, Derby City Photographic Club, Underwater 1, Nov ‘18.

David is probably the most exciting, accomplished photographer I have come across in my 35 years on the camera club circuit and, as expected, his talk Underwater Photography – from Swimming Pools to Sharks is full of superb images.  But more than that, David is an articulate, amiable and amusing speaker whose passion for underwater photography comes in waves. Furthermore, his talk is immaculately structured, taking us into this hidden world so that it almost felt like we were there with him.  We immersed ourselves in some stunning imagery and, ok, none of us in the audience is likely to join him in the deep blue;  but what David brought across, especially through his swimming pool project, was a feeling that we could all capture great pictures with forethought, planning, determination and dedication.  I booked Underwater 2 as soon as David announced it!