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UNDERWATER PHOTOGRAPHY 1 – from swimming pools to sharks.

This talk covers my underwater photography, from working with models in the swimming pool to photographing the magnificent creatures that swim in the oceans around our world.  I'll bring along some of the kit & explain the basics of what's required if people want to have a go.

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UNDERWATER PHOTOGRAPHY 2; THE BIG STUFF – from manatees to crocodiles (available from January 2020).

This talk follows on from part 1 (above) & we’ll focus more on the big creatures. Crocodiles, whale sharks, dolphins, manatees, sea lions & seals are all covered.

Examples of my work can be found here

A PROJECT BASED APPROACH TO PHOTOGRAPHY - producing images with the Wow factor.

We’re all looking to create powerful images that standout from the crowd & I'll describe my approach in trying to achieve this aim by taking a logical, project based approach.  From initial concept, contact building, planning and shooting, right through to the processing techniques I use on some of my award winning images, nothing will be held back.

SPORTS IMAGES WITH IMPACT – moving beyond the record shot (available from January 2020).

Sports images are very successful on the competition circuit & there’s no surprise why… they almost guarantee an image with impact.  In this talk I’ll share my approach to gaining access, technical challenges on the day & post-processing.  Sports covered include; athletics, squash, tennis, weightlifting, speed skating, high board diving & many more.

Examples of my work can be found here


Testimonials can be found here

All my lectures are PowerPoint presentations, including video, stills and some prints.  They last 90 minutes and require a projector with HDMI input. Current bookings can be found here

2019 season; lectures in NEMPF (my host Photographic Federation) my costs are travel only (PAGB mileage rate, currently 45p / mile). For lectures outside NEMPF my costs are £50 plus travel.

2020 season; up to June 2020 my costs are £50 plus travel (lectures booked before 05.02.19 are at the rate agreed at the time of booking). After June 2020 my costs are £100 plus travel.

David Keep, ARPS, DPAGB, ABPE, AFIAP E: davidtkeep@gmail.com   T: 07767 208784

Based in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, UK.